Brighten Your Classroom with Kid-Friendly Borders and Trimmers

During the school year, your classroom serves as your students’ home away from home so it’s important to create a warm, inviting, and intellectually stimulating setting. Involve your students in the decorating process by having them contribute designs, classwork, and art to accent your classroom. Use decorative trimmers and borders to frame their contributions. Involving your students in the decorative process provides a sense of ownership and you’ll benefit from the strong bond that develops while working alongside students assembling classroom presentations of their work.

Can your classroom use a lift? Classroom Borders are an essential design element in every classroom; providing a finished and polished appearance that sets a professional tone. Borders also serve as a great way to “frame” sections of walls or bulletin boards so that the information or work featured in those spaces attracts attention and lots of views.

Time-pressed teachers really appreciate how fast and easy it is to decorate a classroom using packaged borders and trimmers. When it’s time to redecorate the classroom to celebrate a special season or learning experience, it’s a snap to remove old borders and trimmers and replace them quickly with new ones. Contrasting borders make walls and boards “pop” and trimmers or borders with themed designs are useful for highlighting featured learning themes and assigned readings.

Stock up on trimmers and borders to keep your students interested, engaged and always wondering….what’s next? Your classroom will be a hit!

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This article offers a ton of useful and budget-friendly decorative tips, includingplacing borders around classroom windows to make them look bigger. Great idea!
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For a polished final touch, be sure to decorate the classroom door after you’vefinished decorating your classroom’s windows and walls.
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Sniff This!

Using Scent to Motivate Kids

Want to reduce “test stress” during exam crunch time? Infuse the air with orange scent! In “The Smell is Right—Using Scents to Enhance lIfe” Sally Augustin, Ph.D, reports that the scent of orange reduces anxiety, even in extremely stressful situations—such as a visit to the dentist.

Smencils UK

Coloured Smencils

Various scents drift throughout our days—influencing our moods and behaviour. The heavenly smell of chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven makes us happy while the repugnant harsh odour of decaying garbage or smoke can quickly transform a pleasant day into an unpleasant one.

The powerful reaction to the scents we encounter just might explain why Smencils scented pencils, imported from the United States, are such an enormous hit in the UK!  Boys and girls alike love to receive scented Smencils as a classroom reward for hard work and as unique fun birthday party favours. There’s a wide variety of ways you can utilise them:

  • Create little “exam” bags filled with Smencils, a few pieces of candy, motivational stickers, and notepads to motivate kids who are cramming for special tests or extra-challenging exams.
  • Motivate kids to stay on task by rewarding them with a favourite Smencil scented-pencil when they complete a weekly study goal or task.
  • Slip a package of Smencils into your child’s backpack as a surprise treat for him or her to discover at school.
  • To use as party gifts at kid’s birthday parties, wrap a cheery ribbon and bow around a bunch of Smencils in assorted scents and place in pencil holders at individual table settings.

Infused with award-winning tantalising scents that are guaranteed to last for two entire years, Smencil “smelly” pencils are in huge demand with kids and adults who are still pretty much kids at heart!

Choose from a wide collection of Smencil graphite pencils scented with fragrance ranging from sugary sweet to exotically spicy: Cinnamon, Bubble Gum, Orange, Watermelon, Tropical Blast, Cotton Candy, Very Berry, Grape, Root Beer and Black Cherry or Tropical Blast, Bubble Gum, Cinnamon, Candy Floss and a Mystery Scent.

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School Labels

School labels are fun, colourful, practical, and trendy ways to enhance tasks and objects that would otherwise seem mundane. They bring freshness, creativity, and curious attention to things such as name tags, books, other school supplies, et cetera.
School labels are always popular with teachers and students of all ages. They are not just fun items; they are functional too. Here are just a few of the many reasons school labels continue to be a staple among teacher and student supplies:

  • They come in various colours, shapes, sizes, and designs that are visually appealing and are age and task appropriate
  • They are a good value for your money as they help to identify and personalise items that would otherwise be easily lost
  • They are inexpensive as well as cost effective in that the packages contain many labels that can go a long way
  • They help to keep school supplies and gears organised
  • They enhance efficiency as they reduce time in locating items since they are so easily identifiable
  • Their customisation and personalisation capabilities enhances authenticity and ownership
  • They are long-lasting
  • They are easy to use
  • They allow for artistic expression
  • They are non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • They are versatile as they can be used not only for school, but also in the home
  • When you think of back-to-school supplies; always think of school labels. No child should be without them; no child wants to be without them!

    Here are a few examples of school and name labels

    Take 30! Raise Reading Levels in Just 30 Minutes a Day.

    The Telegraph reported on a government study citing dramatic improvement in reading levels when remedial students were given one to one reading sessions for 30 minutes a day. The study’s participants improved quickly and were reading at their current grade level after approximately 41 hours of teaching.

    Establishing a 30-minute daily reading routine that is enjoyable and fun is an essential step in encouraging children to read. Below, are suggestions for creating a stimulating and motivating print rich children’s reading room:

    1.  Set up a reading tent with comfy pillows and rugs inside.
    2.  Provide stacks of diverse reading materials such as books and children’s magazines on a variety of topics.
    3. Set up a rocking chair next to a table stacked with books.
    4. Post motivational quotes on walls.
    5. Chart reading progress on large, colourful wall charts.
    6. Acknowledge reading milestones with fun “Reading Wizard” pins, trophies, or other relevant rewards.
    7. Keep stacks of colourful fun bookmarks on bookshelves and tables to remind children to reach for a book.
    8. Use age-appropriate phonic, sight word, and alphabet flash cards for daily reading drills.
    9. Reward reading progress with gifts of colourful bookmarks and stickers especially designed to motivate and encourage good reading habits.
    10. Map out reading goals on a large magnetic calendar to keep objectives and deadlines in plain sight.

    Learning to talk is a natural process for humans but reading has to be taught and encouraged. Children do not learn how to read on their own. They are dependent upon us to motivate, encourage, and create an inspiring reading setting with all of the tools they require to achieve reading skills.  The evidence is in. Carve out 30 minutes a day for daily reading practice and raise reading levels to new heights.

    For additional tips on how to motivate kids to read, refer to these helpful resources:

     Tips for Encouraging Kids to Read

    How to Have a Print Rich Classroom 

    25 Activities for Reading and Writing Fun

    Also who not tale a look at a few of the things we have on offer to help kids read.

    Branching out – Party Bags

    I wanted to tell you about our kids party bags, which we launched recently. They are proving very popular, which is so great. We know that party bags are time consuming and fiddly to put together and that kids have high expectations of them – they can make or break their view of a party (if your kids are like mine, anyway!). We also know that parents don’t necessarily want to spend a fortune and want a selection of high quality, original products at sensible prices. With this in mind we started to think about themes. To start off with we’ve gone for the biggest and most popular ones – dinosaurs, football, fairies, princesses and more. We researched products from the USA and Europe and put together a winning selection of beautiful and funky rewards which, we think, really hits the spot.