Take 30! Raise Reading Levels in Just 30 Minutes a Day.

The Telegraph reported on a government study citing dramatic improvement in reading levels when remedial students were given one to one reading sessions for 30 minutes a day. The study’s participants improved quickly and were reading at their current grade level after approximately 41 hours of teaching.

Establishing a 30-minute daily reading routine that is enjoyable and fun is an essential step in encouraging children to read. Below, are suggestions for creating a stimulating and motivating print rich children’s reading room:

  1.  Set up a reading tent with comfy pillows and rugs inside.
  2.  Provide stacks of diverse reading materials such as books and children’s magazines on a variety of topics.
  3. Set up a rocking chair next to a table stacked with books.
  4. Post motivational quotes on walls.
  5. Chart reading progress on large, colourful wall charts.
  6. Acknowledge reading milestones with fun “Reading Wizard” pins, trophies, or other relevant rewards.
  7. Keep stacks of colourful fun bookmarks on bookshelves and tables to remind children to reach for a book.
  8. Use age-appropriate phonic, sight word, and alphabet flash cards for daily reading drills.
  9. Reward reading progress with gifts of colourful bookmarks and stickers especially designed to motivate and encourage good reading habits.
  10. Map out reading goals on a large magnetic calendar to keep objectives and deadlines in plain sight.

Learning to talk is a natural process for humans but reading has to be taught and encouraged. Children do not learn how to read on their own. They are dependent upon us to motivate, encourage, and create an inspiring reading setting with all of the tools they require to achieve reading skills.  The evidence is in. Carve out 30 minutes a day for daily reading practice and raise reading levels to new heights.

For additional tips on how to motivate kids to read, refer to these helpful resources:

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Also who not tale a look at a few of the things we have on offer to help kids read.


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