Brighten Your Classroom with Kid-Friendly Borders and Trimmers

During the school year, your classroom serves as your students’ home away from home so it’s important to create a warm, inviting, and intellectually stimulating setting. Involve your students in the decorating process by having them contribute designs, classwork, and art to accent your classroom. Use decorative trimmers and borders to frame their contributions. Involving your students in the decorative process provides a sense of ownership and you’ll benefit from the strong bond that develops while working alongside students assembling classroom presentations of their work.

Can your classroom use a lift? Classroom Borders are an essential design element in every classroom; providing a finished and polished appearance that sets a professional tone. Borders also serve as a great way to “frame” sections of walls or bulletin boards so that the information or work featured in those spaces attracts attention and lots of views.

Time-pressed teachers really appreciate how fast and easy it is to decorate a classroom using packaged borders and trimmers. When it’s time to redecorate the classroom to celebrate a special season or learning experience, it’s a snap to remove old borders and trimmers and replace them quickly with new ones. Contrasting borders make walls and boards “pop” and trimmers or borders with themed designs are useful for highlighting featured learning themes and assigned readings.

Stock up on trimmers and borders to keep your students interested, engaged and always wondering….what’s next? Your classroom will be a hit!

Useful Resource Links:

Below, are links to useful articles focused on classroom decorations.

Here are some fun classroom decorating ideas for decorating primary school classrooms:

This article offers a ton of useful and budget-friendly decorative tips, includingplacing borders around classroom windows to make them look bigger. Great idea!
Creating a Cozy Classroom

For a polished final touch, be sure to decorate the classroom door after you’vefinished decorating your classroom’s windows and walls.
Door Decorating Tips for Classroom Teachers


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