‘Are we there yet?!’

We all know what it is like trying to occupy bored children (of all ages!) on long journeys, so we really like this handy check list that Super Nanny Jo Frost has put together with the acronym BEST WIFE (I’ve added a few of my own thoughts, too!):

B – is for battery phone charger: a dead phone is no good to anyone. Likewise, an iPad without a charger is worse than useless if you are stuck on the M25 (as I once was for five hours with a fractious 2 year old and no water – it was meant to be a short hop between junctions!).
E – is for emergency kit. Calpol, plasters, that sort of thing. Motorway services can take forever to reach.
S – is for sing-along discs and audiobooks. They can create some short lived peace and lift Mum and Dad’s mood for a bit.
T – is for travel potty, a necessity for toddlers when they just can’t wait and you just can’t stop.

W – is for water. Try to avoid sugary drinks – you don’t want them bouncing off the ceiling all the way up the M1.
I – is for imagination. You’re going to need to bring this along for storytelling and games on the move.
F – is for food. Be prepared: whether its full of fresh or dried fruit, babybels or mini rolls, a little Tupperware box can keep the tantrums away.
E – is for essentials: wipes, toilet roll, disposable bags and a few games.

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