Create Classrooms That Spark Learning

Classrooms That Spark Learning

What teacher doesn’t dream of having unlimited funds to decorate his or her classroom so that’s it is bright, stimulating, and welcoming?  Unfortunately, most teachers don’t have the unlimited budget required to create designer-showroom quality classroom settings like the stunning classrooms featured, here.

But, regardless of how large or small a decorating budget might be, there’s no doubt that a little money goes a long way when teachers turn to trimmers and borders to brighten their classrooms and reinforce major learning themes. One of the great benefits of purchasing trimmers and borders is that the high-quality ones last for more than one session and can be reused the following term. There are a variety of ways to use trimmers and borders to decorate, including decorating the halls or doorway of a classroom and the empty spaces in front of the classroom. Students adore having their work featured in an attractively framed presentation board, especially when the border or trimmer features a theme related to the student’s work.

music classroom display

A great way to brighten up music class

A great way to provide a sense of student ownership is to ask the students to help you decorate the classroom using trimmers and borders. When students are involved in creating decorations for the classroom they feel more responsible for keeping it clean and orderly. Students feel honoured when “grown-up” decorating responsibilities are given to them and splendidly rise to the occasion by tapping into their natural creativity, and innate love of colour and design.
Different designs work best with different ages so keep your specific age group and learning themes in mind when purchasing your classroom trimmers and borders. Here are some tips and useful suggestions for getting maximum impact when you use borders and trimmers to decorate:1. Choose one central bright and cheery color scheme for your classroom and colour-coordinate all of your trimmers and borders to complement and contrast with that dominant color scheme.
2. Present two or three design choices to your students and let them vote on which theme border or trimmer they want to see posted first!

3. If your decorating budget is tight, consider pooling resources so that two or three teachers can share and trade borders and trimmers all year long!
Here are a few examples to give you some ideas and remember you can emphasis themes by adding in complementary classroom displays
primary school resources - trimmer

A bright bug related classroom trimmer for younger children

classroom trimmer - numbers

Make numbers fun for small children


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